Vegan Athlete - Superfood Protein Powder

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 Fuel your body before you take it to the limit.

Our vegan formula contains 13 grams of clean protein per serving of the cleanest plant-based proteins from around the planet, blended expertly to make sure you're getting what your system needs for fuel and recovery. Formulated specifically for vegans, this blend also contains probiotics for immune health, as well as therapeutic doses (2000 mg) of the superfoods  Chlorella (high in Vitamin B-12), Maca (high in iron), and Lucuma, equalling more than 2+ servings of vegetables. Use this as a meal replacement or an excellent nutritional boost to carry you through your day.

13 grams of Clean Protein per serving
Complete Nutrition
100% Plant-Based  & Gluten Free
2 Servings of Greens
No Sweetener Added
Sustainable Packaging
Formulated by Nutritional Therapist
Dea Lisk, F.N.T.P.
Made in Eugene, Oregon