Our Story

LivingLove Superfoods was founded in 2012 by holistic nutritionist Dea Lisk, M.A., FNTP on the desire to provide the very best all-in-one, on-the-go nutrition to her community. After struggling to find a protein powder on the market that she felt comfortable recommending to her clients she decided to formulate her own, using the best ingredients available from around the world.

I saw a need for a safe nutrition-packed superfood protein powder, from here LivingLove Superfoods was born.

Dea Lisk, M.A., NTP

As a schoolteacher and Nutritional Therapist I continuously saw people who were busy, stressed and overwhelmed with finding the right foods for themselves and their families. I was using protein powders myself at the time and wanted to recommend them to my clients and students, but I didn’t feel good about the quality of the powders in grocery stores. I couldn’t find anything that met my standard of
truly clean nutrition - free of fillers, contaminants, pesticides, GMOs, and microplastics.


“The reality is that most products on the market today are contaminated by chemicals. That’s just not healthy food. Many ingredients in popular protein powders today come from China, where there is a huge soil contamination problem from coal plants and industry. Food products stored in plastic tubs are also problematic because they leach chemicals and microplastics that disrupt our hormonal systems.”

- Dea Lisk M.A., FNTP, Founder & CEO

Where We Are Now

As a team we’ve created a transformative business model, built on service, working to positively empower everyday people towards reaching truly thriving health.

We’re dedicated to bringing our local and global communities the cleanest, most pure nutrition possible, using the most sustainable practices available.  We are joining other social entrepreneurs in creating businesses that care about all people as well as the living systems we share.

We’re here to promote the health of all living systems, working for wellness on all levels, doing business for the Good of All.

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