Our Values

Holistic Health

Built on the principle that quality health should be easy and accessible for all, we promise a model of
truly holistic health, with next level nutrition.

LivingLove Superfoods is here to empower confidence in the way you do nutrition, to help you reframe how you approach deep nourishment, because we’re passionate about supporting your needs along every step of your health journey.

We know that the health of our global community is determined one individual at a time. It truly starts with you.

Honest Ingredients 

smoothie and pomegranateWe are committed to ingredients with integrityWe’ve searched the world over to make sure that every single one of our ingredients are the purest quality we can possibly find.

Each ingredient receives third party lab testing and a certificate of analysis (COA) ensuring our standards of purity are reached with every batch. Minimally processed at low temperatures, ingredients are organic, non GMO, and sustainably sourced from small farms around the globe. 

We don’t compromise when it comes to the quality of our food, and you shouldn’t have to either.

Long Term Sustainability

We envision a biosphere in which clean air, clean water, and clean food are abundant and available; where the rights of nature are upheld world-wide; where we work together as a human community to be conscious stewards of our home.

At LivingLove Superfoods we follow a code of ethics that guides where and how our ingredients are sourced. We use only the highest quality ingredients from growers and producers whose practices share our values of stewardship and fair trade, with respect for the land and all living systems.



The Greater Good  

At LivingLove Superfoods we’re given purpose by operating
in service to something greater than ourselves.

smoothie love
The truth is it’s not only our products that matter to us, it’s the systems behind them that help make the greatest impact in creating a world we’re proud to live in.

We believe in creating systems that benefit everyone, putting energy back into the health of individuals, our communities, our local economy, and the environment.

We’re building systems to resource the Good of All.

Founded, owned and operated by women, we’re joining other social entrepreneurs in creating businesses that care about all people and the living systems we share.

We are growing a triple bottom line company, giving as equal consideration to people and the planet as we do to our profits. We pay our employees living wages, working towards majority employee ownership and profit sharing, with 2% of all profits directed towards charitable contributions each year.

We’re on our way to becoming a Benefit Corporation; working to achieve the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability in modern business.

Love In Action

love in actionLivingLove is more than just a name to us - it’s our most important founding value that drives our purpose and informs how we do business. 

We recognize our responsibility, through our choices and our actions, to help make the world a better place, creating the changes we wish to see, and building a more loving and healthy experience on earth.

Our business model is Love In ActionOur goal is to create lasting social and planetary change, using Love as our vehicle.

We’re growing a company culture of wellness on all levels.

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