"I absolutely love the performance blend protein powder! I enjoy it before my morning workout and before my evening training sessions. It gives me the perfect amount of energy without a full belly.  Being very conscious about what I feed my body, I feel secure in knowing that all the ingredients in these blends are top quality super foods. My daily routine is enlivened by this training supplement, I am so grateful!" - Brita

"I have come to rely on the Performance Blend powder to power methrough workouts and martial arts training. I workout early in the morning so it fits perfectly into my morning routine. I make mine with vanilla almond milk and I love it. I mix it and drink it within less than 5 minutes and I'm out the door fully powered for a workout or training session... This product alone has pushed me to new levels of health and physical strength. Thank you LivingLove!" - Royal

"LivingLove Superfoods protein powders have allowed me to improve my overall health and keep performing at a high level athletically into my 40's. As an MMA and Fitness Instructor, I go through intense workouts and do hands on teaching every week. Having access to the tailored combination of quality protein and superfoods allows me to stay healthy and be there for my students." - Jason

I have performance blend nutrition powder every morning to start my day. I get whey protein AND plant based protein in my shakes. Complete goodness. It is an essential for me to strengthen clarity. To me, the superfood powder is stimulative and beneficial. When I have it, I feel energized and ready for the day. It's beautiful and doesn't hurt my stomach like other superfood products. Just what I need. Also a little crunch from the hemp seeds helps me digest better. It's so unique that I really appreciate its space in my life. Definitely worth a try! Your body, mind, and soul may thank you later" - Alison

“When summer starts sometimes it feels like I just can't stop. That's when I grab LivingLove Superfoods to give me that extra boost and tide me over. My go to is the Everything Good with some almond milk. Never thought I would love protein powders but then I tried this one, now I can't get enough!” - Brittany

"I have had the privilege of working with Dea for several years. Her commitment to integrity and accuracy is apparent in the time and effort she puts into research. I can count on her to recommend only that which she is willing to use herself. I have been been making breakfast smoothies from the Performance Blend and Nitro Greens for years. I believe it helps me maintain a level of good health that would be hard to achieve with diet alone. I am grateful to Dea for her dedication to good health through nutrition." - Bryna

"The Everything Good superfood powder is absolutely delicious. It's the only powder I've ever tried that tastes amazing as-is just mixed into a milk alternative ~ no smoothie necessary. And just as good when added into my favorite smoothie blends. I highly recommend this product!" - Eugenia  Recipe of choice: "Strawberry, banana, pineapple, coconut butter, greens powder, Everything Good powder and an extra spoonful of maca for a rainy day boost!"

I experienced the Weekly Nutrition Booster Package for 3 weeks. It was wonderful. I felt a uplift in spirit, more clarity and focus and an increase in brain power. Slept great and woke up feeling energized. Over all I felt ready to take charge of my life in a new way. I could see myself having this as my added weekly nutrition on a regular basis.Kind and friendly drop off service. Thank you LivingLoveSuperfoods Team! - Guillaume

“LivingLove Superfoods Everything Good protein powder provides me with a natural and tasty source of probiotics and a perfect place to start my day. Mental health, physical health, and diet are a trio that are difficult to sustain in today’s food climate. Being able to care for my body in a convenient way makes me feel more empowered to make other positive changes in my life.” - Bridget

"I never buy protein powder from the store because I think it tastes chalky and weird. What I really like about LivingLove's vegan protein blend is that it tastes like a health food product should - fresh, and not chemically or weird at all! I know what all of the ingredients are - there's no unidentifiable ingredient in this blend! It's easy to use, tastes good and satisfies me. I usually mix it with some plant milk and maybe some fruit in the morning for breakfast or as a snack mid day. It's quick and I know it's going to sustain me. And I trust the amazing women who prepare it and know that it is truly made in living love. THAT is nourishment, in my book. Thanks ladies for making this convenient delicious blend." - Amelia

“The most intentional time I use LivingLove Superfoods powders is when I do not have time to eat, especially when I need to postpone meals because I am teaching yoga, and eating a meal makes me too sluggish and heavy. Before I teach yoga, it helps me feel more grounded. I drink both the Everything Good or the Performance Blend with cow’s milk. This morning I put some in my oatmeal!” - Paul

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