High Performance

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Nourish your body before you take it to the limit. Our high performance formula contains 15 grams per serving of the cleanest whey protein from 100% grass-fed cows blended with high quality plant proteins, making sure you're getting enough of what your system needs for fuel and recovery. Formulated as a meal replacement, it also contains probiotics for immune health, as well as 2000 mg of the superfoods Chlorella Algae (vitamin b-12), Maca Root (high in iron), and Lucuma with 2 servings of green vegetables in every 1/4 cup. See how far you can go when you're fully fueled.
Meal Replacement
15 grams Clean Protein per serving
Complete Nutrition
Plant Proteins, Whey & Superfoods
No Sweetner Added
Batch Tested
Sustainable Packaging
Formulated by Nutritional Therapist
Dea Lisk, F.N.T.P.
Made in Eugene, Oregon