I Started LivingLove

You asked us to make our nutritional superfood powders available to your friends and families far and wide so here we are, on the world wide web!  
We have had so much positive response from our local clients over these past 4 years; these busy moms, recovering cancer patients and athletes have asked us to spread the love even further.  And love is exactly what we put into every bag, along with balanced nutrition and whole body system support.
All of our ingredients are of the highest quality, honoring the growers, processors and the planet. Our ingredients are beyond Organic, raw, sprouted and non-GMO.
Our team is ready to mix you up a bag (we would never use big plastic tubs), and send it to your door.
LivingLove Superfoods is a company built on service to community, to each other and to the planet. Everything we do is for the benefit and good of all.
We are LivingLove and invite you to do the same.
When will you start Living Love?