Sustainable Packaging

What if we could leave the planet better than we found it?

Plastic is everywhere, and we won’t stop creating or using it anytime soon (sorry folks), but what if the way we use plastic also helped get rid of it, as a transition away from needing it at all?


Big things come in small packages!

At LivingLove Superfoods we promote sustainability for all, every step of the way. One way we put this into action is by avoiding the large plastic tubs that most protein powders you’ll find on shelves use these days, choosing instead the most sustainable resealable packaging we could find, one that biodegrades completely.

Not all biodegradable plastics are created equal.

Our little brown bags are made out of kraft paper lined with Organic Compound Plastics (OCPs). What’s that?

OCPs are organic compounds that, when added to plastic, allow it to biodegrade when exposed to microbes in soil. Microbes are the essential organisms that decompose matter into vital nutrients.

As an organic additive, OCPs allow microbes to eat the plastic and break it down into organic compounds so there is no plastic left when biodegradation is done!

No plastic, none, and it won’t simply break down into smaller plastic particles. OCPs actually decompose plastic fully, so what’s left at the end is simply CO2, water, and a small amount of organic biomass. When OCPs have done their work the organic residuals that remain are actually beneficial to plant growth!

We fully trust that when it comes to packaging, OCPs are the best solution to creating a world with less pollution.

Here’s why:

  • OCPs are Omnidegradable, which means their only requirements for decomposition are microbes and a little time.
  • Other biodegradable plastics require inputs of sunlight, high heat for long periods of time, or oxygen to decompose. If left in oceans or buried in soil they may not have the means necessary to break down fully.
  • Once disposed, our Omnidegradable bags will decompose in the presence of regular garden soil, compost, landfills, the forest floor and even the ocean.
  • These bags convert into organic nutrients without leaving any pollutants behind.
  • Omnidegradable bags are fully recyclable
  • These bags are shelf stable. They won’t degrade on your shelf or in your pantry. They only biodegrade in environments rich in microbes, like soil or water.

So, while they are a step up from conventional plastics, are other plant-based plastics really as green as they claim to be? A Smithsonian Magazine article explored this question, as did Scientific American article entitled “How Green are Green Plastics?”.

These articles found corn-based PLA plastics are not recyclable with regular plastics, and, if composted instead, require high levels of heat only available in industrial food waste processing facilities to biodegrade. They won’t break down in your home compost bin, and can even be a significant environmental burden.  

Choosing to use truly biodegradable packaging is just one way we at LivingLove Superfoods are working to do the best for the planet with every choice we make. From where we source our ingredients, to how we blend and package our powders, we work to ensure the wellbeing of our planet for generations to come. We strive to preserve the earth’s health so that all of us can live in a world with clean air, clean water, and clean food.

We invite you to join us in this task! Together we can ensure environmental safety for ourselves and future generations, and lay the foundation for thriving healthy lives.

We provide the nutritional resources you need to take care of yourself, so that you can take care of the world!

Are you ready to start Living Love?

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